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Raising a Family

Why Retiring in Your 30s Is a Terrible Financial Strategy

Making enough money to retire early is a great achievement but also comes with its own share of difficult decisions.

Better Money Habits for Millennials: How to Teach Kids About Money

Good news for parents who want to help their children develop better money habits.

The 4 Investments Millennials Need to Make Before They Hit 40

Taking a long term view on your investments means having a strategy. Here are the big 4 investments to make before you hit 40.

Financial Strategies for LGBT and Modern Family Partnerships

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered (LGBT) individuals, same-sex couples, and modern families have unique needs when planning for the future.

Why Creating a Will Should Be a Top Priority and How to Go About It

Creating a will is one of those things we all know we should do, but over half of Americans haven't gotten around to it.

Fidelity: Families That Discuss Their Financial Plans Feud Less

High net worth parents struggling to talk to their children about money will benefit from increased communication, according to Fidelity Private Wealth Management.

Teaching Kids About Money So They'll Actually Learn

If you're like most parents, you might not feel qualified to teach your kids about financial topics like investing or managing a budget.

Staples Kicks off Back-to-School Season and Making More Happen

Making More Happen for Less and trendy accessories are the themes for Back-to-School 2014 at Staples.

Millennial Moms Go Skimpy on Insurance Coverage Compared to Dads

A Life Ant survey found that 18% of new mothers under 30 years old have life insurance coverage compared to 35% of fathers their age, even though millennials pay the least amount for coverage.

Millennials: Don't Bank on Retiring Boomer Parents

About 49% of baby boomers who feel confident about achieving their ideal retirement have a lifestyle plan in place, and those plans include buying a vacation or beach house.