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Raising a Family

Gen Xers Win Title of 'Most Worried’ About Retirement

Generation Xers were slammed by the financial crisis and are now worried about the stability of their jobs.

Amazon Is Taking a Page From Netflix and Microsoft, Offering Paid Leave for New Fathers

Amazon (AMZN), the world's biggest retailer, is offering sweeter benefits for new parents.

China Ends One Child Policy: Which Business Sectors Will Benefit?

China has announced that it is ending its one child policy and will now permit couples to have two children.

‘Strong Is the New Sexy’ Says MTV Star Turned Media Mogul 'Snooki'

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi may have risen to fame through MTV’s Jersey Shore, but she has since turned her life around to become a media and retail mogul.

Don’t Wait to Set Up Charitable Giving Strategy Says Wilmington Trust

There is no time like the present to start planning for charitable deductions, or drafting a philanthropic strategy.

Help Your Daughters Start a Business, Teach them to ‘Be Great’

Teaching young girls to start and run a business is an important step in closing the gender wage gap, said Holly Lichtenfeld, author of Be Great: A Money-Making Adventure.

Here’s Why Your Kids Aren’t Learning About Money in School

Personal finance isn’t being taught in schools.

Shipping Breast Milk, Staying Local: Accenture Expands Benefits for Parents

Accenture (ACN) is the latest company offering more family-friendly benefits to its employees in an effort to retain top talent.

Invest in ‘The Business of Family’ to Keep Kids From Blowing Wealth

Many parents go to great lengths to avoid the topic of money with their children, but that’s entirely the wrong approach.

Spoonful of Death: Harmful Additives You Can Only Find in the U.S.

Papa Johns is the latest big food brand to clean up its act and cut down on artificial ingredients as consumers become more health conscious.