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Raising a Family

How to Plan and Finance Your Family's College Dreams

The cost of college continues to rise dramatically and parents need to start saving for their children as early as pre-school!

Working Mother Releases Its List of 100 Best Companies

Working Mother sees more family friendly policies at companies in all industries.

T. Rowe Price: Kids, Parents Disconnected on Paying for College

Kids expect parents to cover their college costs, but parents might not be able to meet those expectations.

So Long Yodels! Stew Leonard's Got Some Top Back-to-School Food Trends

Forget the Ring Dings and Hawaiian Punch, today's kids are finding much healthier options in their lunch boxes, said Stew Leonard, Jr. CEO of Stew Leonard's.

Retirement Study Shows Parents, Adult Kids Not Talking

When it comes to the topic of retirement, aging parents and their adult children too often have a failure to communicate.

Why Staying Home to Raise Kids Is More Costly Than You Realize

Parents who take a break from working in order to care for their children are paying a much higher long term cost than they realize, according to a new study.

Female Pilots File Discrimination Charges Against Frontier Airlines

Four female pilots with Frontier Airlines have filed discrimination charges against the company, over its lack of accommodations for pregnant and breast feeding women.

There’s a Huge Financial Literacy Crisis in America and Here’s How to Fix It

Far too many Americans are in the dark when it comes to how best to manage their finances.

Almost All Americans Believe Personal Finance Should Be Taught in Schools

Almost everyone in America can agree on one thing: schools should be teaching kids about money.

If You’re Lying to Your Spouse About Money, You’re Not Alone

Financial infidelity among those in a committed relationship is widespread, according to one personal finance expert.