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Raising a Family

China, U.S. Locked in a New Battle: Low Fertility

China to announce the first decline in its population since the famine of the 1950s. U.S. population growth is at its second-lowest ever ebb.

NYSE's Top Female Leaders: Working to Attract More Women to the Field

As part of Women's History Month, Alpha Rising sat down with the women ruling the C-Suite at the NYSE. And one of their many missions is to encourage women to come back to finance. Watch and listen in to how!

5 Things to Know About Wall Street's Fearless Girl

#AlphaRising's favorite #FearlessGirl was installed down near Wall Street on March 7, 2017. So a year later, we think you should get to know her better because we would like her to stick around for a long, long time!

How Healthy Is That Happy Meal? Inside the Kids' Menus at McDonald's and More

As McDonald's makes a pretty historic change to its 'Happy Meal,' take a look at the 'healthy' options available on the kids' menus of the most popular fast food restaurants.

Don't Forget Gifts For Your Pets This Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! And while you're probably running around looking for last-minute gifts for your loved ones, don't forget your pets! We caught up with the BarkBox co-founder for some great options for your dog this Valentine's Day.

The 5 Most Expensive Winter Olympic Games

The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea start Feb. 9th. And history has shown that hosting is way more expensive then any budget could ever predict. Watch our video to see exactly how much money some countries have paid.

2018 Super Bowl Ad: Hyundai Draws Attention To Pediatric Cancer

Hyundai's Super Bowl LII ad focused on pediatric cancer. Every day, 43 kids are diagnosed with cancer. Clearly this issue needs attention, so watch the full ad now!

2018 Super Bowl Ad: Coke's Super Bowl Ad Focuses on Diversity and Inclusion

Coke's Super Bowl LII ad focuses on diversity and inclusion. So watch the full ad now!

Malala Empowers the Crowd at Davos and Forms Alliance With Apple

Nobel peace laureate Malala Yousafzai addressed the #MeToo movement at the World Economic Forum and is partnering with Apple to educate young girls.

2018 Superbowl Ad: Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot Join Doritos And Mtn Dew Ad

Doritos and Mountain Dew are coming together in a new Super Bowl ad this year along with Morgan Freeman, Peter Dinklage -- and wait for it -- Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott. Watch here!