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FireEye and Entercom Are Catching My Eye

The two small-cap names appear undervalued at current trading levels.

Have Amazon, Google, Apple and Sony Flooded the Smart Speaker Market?

We look at the unique features of each of smart speaker hoping to land in your living room.

Taylor Swift's New Album is About to Add to Her Already Massive Fortune

Taylor Swift has already earned an enormous amount of money. With a new album and a new tour, she is ready to rake in even more cash.

The 5 Most Expensive Wars In American History

With price adjustments for inflation.

What Sexy Company Will IPO Next?

Everyone wants to know what hot companies will next go public and make shares available for investors to purchase. Here's which companies to look out for.

Pandora Reports a Jump in Subscribers

Pandora reports it now has 4.71 million subscribers.

Huffington Post Gets a Redesign

Ken Doctor gives a look behind the scenes of The Huffington Post's redesign.

Here's Why Sprint, Interactive Brokers and SiriuxXM Could Blast Higher in April

The stats show that being contrarian in heavily shorted large-cap stocks can pay off.

Cramer: Market Hasn't Checked Out of Hotels or Turned Off TV

Airbnb and the internet haven't been the disasters for those sectors that many thought.

These Stocks May Benefit From Trump's Budget

President Donald Trump's new budget is calling for a $54 billion increase in defense spending.