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Verizon's Number Hasn't Really Changed, but It's Worth a Call

Here's how to play the name right now.

I Doubt Wednesday Is the Day to Be Selling, Buying Puts, or Shorting EVs

What we have seen, in addition to the pullbacks, are management teams taking advantage of the huge moves higher.

November to Remember, Energy Roars, Janet Yellen, Transition, 8 Breakout Stocks

Equity markets have run wild since Oct. 30, and it is the more economically sensitive indices that have really taken flight.

Election Hindsight, Treasury Yields, Fed Day, Chip Stock Setup, A Great Trade

The most important market takeaway right now is that both the Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500 have filled their respective gaps and retaken their 50-day simple moving averages.

Take a Ride on These Lyft Options

It appears like LYFT wants to make a run.

Nowhere to Hide: Investors Are Shaving Risk Ahead of the Election

Thoughts on copper, precious metals and the S&P and a low risk way to get involved in a possible recovery in stocks.

Carnival's Options Are Going Crazy: All Aboard for a Short Trip

We could be at a point where the cruise lines are a scoop.

Intermediate Trade: Fastly

FSLY has incredible upside skew, meaning calls are super expensive relative to at the money options.

Here's the GoDaddy Trade to Watch

Traders have to know not only if one of their holdings is reporting, but also if an influential name in the sector is reporting.

Take Advantage of Overblown Healthcare Worries With This Trade

Monday's action in Johnson & Johnson is a fadeable event.