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Put Call

Here's My Take on Investing in 'Best in Class' Zscaler

Cybersecurity will prove itself quite durable, as demand will stand up to any shift in where white collar work is done.

Spring Ahead or Fall Back? No Fear, Nasdaq Uptrend, Trading AbbVie and AMD

COVID numbers stopped improving a while ago, even with ever-improving rates of vaccination. Just what is going on here?

Keep on Trucking With These 3 Plays on Heartland Express

3 options strategies offering very nice returns in HTLD.

Delta -- We Love to Trade, and It Shows

As more people get vaccinated, I like this airline's options. Here's how I'd play it into the week.

The Twists and Turns of My Fossil Investment

There's a lesson in here, somewhere, although I am not yet quite sure what it is.

Georgia on My Mind, Monday's Market, Taper Tantrum, Shorting Tesla, Trading AT&T

The entire financial media may have swung and missed on Monday, but our old nemesis, those keyword reading algorithms that determine price? They spun the marketplace like a top.

Trump's Threat, Anger, Renewable Energy, Put /Call Ratio, Walmart,Trading Apple

This note does not accurately represent how ticked off I feel about what's included and not included in the current stimulus bill.

Is Nike Ready for a Comeback? Here's How I'm Playing It

A trade idea for Nike in advance of this evening's earnings call.

Double, Double, Toil And Trouble, Tech Breakout?, Trading McDonald's, Stitch Fix

The bottom half of the sector performance tables Monday was littered with the debris of everything that works well if our economic recovery proceeds smoothly, which it no longer is.

You've Got Options Questions. I've Got Answers

Here, I tackle two common questions I get about options trading, and show how these should work out using Caleres.