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Put Call

Put on Your Rally Cap, as We Turn the Last Two Inside-Out

Here's how Monday's surge lines up versus last Wednesday's rug pull. And does everyone and their mother still like bonds?

This Miner Could Turn Out to Be a Major Winner

Here's why I like Freeport-McMoRan and how you can trade it.

Summer Beatdown, Run for the Hills? SOX Socked, Hedge Fund Bets, Monday's Buys

Sellers went into Friday with huge six-to eight-week profits, and came out of Monday with cash in hand.

Everyone Is Bearish? That's So Last Month

Here's what the easing of bearishness means for the overall market and a look at one sector where all of a sudden there isn't a bear to be found.

Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey

Let's take a trip to the sentiment indicators I use and the parameters I look for to assess the market.

Russia-Ukraine, January PPI, Index Action, Rate Hike Handicapping, Trading Cisco

There is a good reason, if estimates are close, to believe that consumer-level inflation has peaked or is peaking.

Market Fun House, Bond Yields, Nord Stream 2, Raytheon, Steel, No Dice Nvidia

I had actually worried a bit that Arm was going to take Jensen Huang's eye off of the ball. That worry can now be put to bed.

Understand Where We Are and Where We're Headed

Remember, the little guy is almost always wrong. When they yank money out of equities you should be doing the opposite.

A Market Rally That Is Hard to Embrace

The put/call ratio confirms my sense of how folks are viewing this two-day bounce.

I'm Not Impressed With GE's Quarter: Here's What I'm Tempted to Do

Interesting that I've not seen a single sell-side analyst upgrade, downgrade or reiterate anything. No changes made to price targets either.