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Put Call

Back for a Square Meal

Sentiment may be too negative on Square stock now.

Novice Trade: Bed Bath & Beyond

I don't expect BBBY's recent post-earnings rally to last.

At What Price Do You Own Canopy Growth?

Why I'm leaning toward a trade in the former cannabis darling.

Novice Trade: Alibaba

BABA's China-driven declines have been buying opportunities.

Trade SmileDirect Into the Teeth of Its Decline

SDC is being valued at the same multiple as competitors with significantly slower growth.

Slack Just Works - Either on Its Own or Under a Larger Umbrella

Is there room for three names in the workplace communication sector?

Disney Has What It Takes to Make a Run at $150

The streaming service is going to be a home run.

Apple: The Curiously Strong Stock

Apple might be setting up for a new all-time high, and this is a forgone conclusion if the market makes another leg higher.

Talk to Chuck With This Schwab Trade

These guys are going to make a lot of money by moving to this route.

Okta in October: Time to Act on Some Pummeled Cloud Stocks

October is a scary month, but the cloud sector had its comeuppance during September.