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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD): Love it or Hate It, Here's How to Play It

I envision $25 as the biggest hurdle.

Novice Trade: SPY S&P 500 ETF

Upside calls have been slammed by call overwriters.

Novice Trade: VIX Short-Term Futures ETN

This could be a just the start in how fear drops over the next few weeks.

How to Play Overstock.com With Options After Its tZERO Launch

It's time for Overstock to get what it can from the legacy business and embrace what it wants to become.

Q1 Could Signal The Death of Earnings Growth: Market Recon

The outlook for Q1 is gloomy, with a triple threat of headwinds on the horizon.

An Aggressive Trade for a 'Dodgeball' Market

Following the same pattern as just about every other stock from December through January, we are finally starting to see individual stock divergence.

Novice Trade: PayPal

Consider buying these LEAPS in PYPL.

Take Some Profits on This Strength: Market Recon

The market can still go higher, but the time has come for the slope of price discovery to normalize a bit.

Novice Trade: General Electric

There are decent odds GE gets to the $12-$13 range before the next earnings cycle.

Hedge, Hedge, Hedge

Very rarely is it this cheap to hedge, so close to what was a huge meltdown for the S&P 500.