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Put Call

Disappointing Wednesday, Nasdaq Line, No Fear, Glimmers of Hope? Fed Dreamin'

The longer the Nasdaq remains below the 200-day line, the easier it becomes for risk managers to compel portfolio managers to reduce exposure.

Monday Reversal, Powell on the Hill, Macro Watch, Trading Lockheed and Northrop

The outright removal of potential liquidity from the economy earlier than expected scares the living heck out of everyone who understands.

Is It Time for a Defined Outcome in Your Portfolio?

As in a defined outcome ETF, which synthetically reproduces an underlying security and lays on a spread to act as a risk buffer.

Options Play of the Week: Take a Chance on This Small Biopharma in 2022

After a huge drop in recent weeks, these shares look oversold -- and an insider seems to agree.

Day of Infamy, Market Bounce, China Trade Balance, Finland, Intel's Eye-Popper

Positive news on Omicron is more powerful at the moment, at least for the markets, than the overhanging probability of tighter monetary policy.

Omicron Panic, Scared Money, A Tech Bright Spot, Fed Talk, My After-Hours Trades

Whether panicked sales over these past few days, especially Wednesday, prove to be either the 'fast' or 'smart' money remains to be seen.

There Are Good Reasons to Be Cranky About This Market

I'd like to spin Monday's action as bullish but with what's going on under the hood, it is hard.

Taking Profits and Building a Plan for 3D Systems

Try an options strategy while waiting for the gap to fill in this name.

Internals Provide Clues to Future Price Action

When the supporting indicators are not in sync, something is amiss and bound to crack.

FuboTV Is Not for the Faint of Heart

I prefer spreads as individual calls and puts can be a bit pricey.