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Put Call

Cruel Summer: August/September Usually Worst Two-Month Period for Stocks

For those looking for a mild way to play a sideways to lower market, I offer an option spread idea.

An Options Play on a Beaten-Down Intel

I like owning these calls out to September.

McDonald's Investors Have a Choice to Make Now

How I'd play the Golden Arches after its quarter pounding.

Novice Trade: General Electric

I would be a buyer of these GE calls into earnings.

Just Call Yourself 'Trader VXX'

Volatility should decline again next week. Here's how to play it.

'Twitter of China' Weibo Wobbles but It Won't Fall Down

Here's how to play it.

This Coke Trade Is the Real Thing

I like KO, especially as the value vs. tech trade plays out.

Unmasking an Attractive 3M Trade

The work-from-home trade strategy seems to be coming off.

Take Another Swing at This Industrial Sector ETF

I would be a buyer of these calls.

'Max' Out Your Reward With This Trade

Look for this name to outperform if the market remains flat or pushes higher.