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Disney Will Regain Its Magic: How to Trade It Now

Shares are now below their open from the Disney+ announcement.

Ugly Scenarios, Ugly Stocks, Ugly Bonds... You Get the Picture: Market Recon

Plus, a bit of coaching on how to put your money to work opportunistically amid the uncertainty.

Novice: Trade: Disney

Now's a good time to head back to the Magic Kingdom.

An All-Or-Nothing Play on Universal Display

This is a name where I expect to hear coronavirus mentioned on the earnings call.

In a Stock-Picker's Market, the Results May Surprise You

Returns can be robust if the conditions are favorable, but it won't always be so fruitful.

Novice Trade: CBOE

2020 is going to be a great trading year for options, both equity and index.

Intermediate Trade: TLT Long-Term Treasury Bond ETF

Bonds need to back off here. Here's the play on TLT.

Take Advantage of Nordstrom's Pricing Here

The stock has been pummeled along with the rest of retail, but things are not that bad.

This Is a Thunderstorm - But a Tornado Is on the Radar

The VIX is finally acting like the coronavirus is serious.

Apple Looks Due for a Pullback: Here's My Trade Idea

AAPL feels very heavy right now.