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7 Ways to Earn High Income From Other People's Mortgages

Sophisticated income investors can participate in this high-yield market via mREITs, preferreds and funds.

11 Top High-Dividend-Yield ETFs for Income Investors

This list of high-yield-dividend-paying funds shows how payouts can make the difference between investing profitability or taking a loss.

Oil Surge Is Creating High-Yield Opportunities

There are better ways to play oil's gains than buying stock in traditional E&P companies.

Where Investors Should Look for Safety and High Yield

Advisers say investors seeking safety and a yield greater than 3% could consider these two asset classes.

Why I Absolutely Love One of the Most Despised Sectors Around

Don't read any further if you are squeamish... unless you want potentially attractive returns.

Exclusive Video: Jim Cramer Lays Out Why Schlumberger Has Upside in 2018

Jim Cramer gives an exclusive sneak peak into the Action Alerts Plus core holdings for 2018—Check out the eleventh of Jim's 14 core holdings.

Don't Panic GE Investors, There Are Plenty of Alternatives for Dividend Income

Retirees or people counting on GE's quarterly dividend for income shouldn't panic. But they should rethink their reason for owning industrial conglomerate.

3 Safe-Haven Stocks to Buy Amid Tax-Reform Uncertainties

These names have well-above-market yields in addition to compelling valuations.

A Potpourri of Income Investing Ideas

With interest rates still low, and expected to be so for longer, investors need to be creative to earn decent yield levels.

How I'm Playing the Energy Sector Amid Harvey's Hit

The bargains are out there.