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Preferred Stocks

A Potpourri of Income Investing Ideas

With interest rates still low, and expected to be so for longer, investors need to be creative to earn decent yield levels.

How I'm Playing the Energy Sector Amid Harvey's Hit

The bargains are out there.

I've Got a New Best Idea for You

This stock is ridiculously undervalued.

Sticking to Our Guns on Gastar

The energy company takes a hit after earnings, but there's still reason for optimism.

Tchir: Sell in May and Go Away Applies in the Trump Era

Should you follow the adage "sell in May and go away?"

There's Blood in the Water, So Navios Is Buying

And you should be, too.

A Portfolio of Fixed Income, Pass Throughs and Small Caps

This portfolio is designed to produce a blended yield of 6% to 8%.

Shipping Bulks Up on Optimism

For a change, owners aren't losing money by having their ships on the water.

There's a Preferred Approach on Frontier

The common stock likely won't see a dividend, but this stock should.

Don't Get Thrown Off by Big Changes in Stock Price

Taking a historical perspective can help you handle it.