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Jim Cramer: America's Toughest Job? Finding Workers

It's the question of our time: Where are the people willing to take on these better paying gigs? Let's see what's going on and what we need to happen.

Next 'Target'? To Become a Dividend King

How would TGT stack up as it enters the club of Kings?

Analysts Are Missing a Beautiful Opportunity

Advice on Sally Beauty Holdings has been pretty ugly -- here's how to 'make up' for it.

7 Preferred Stock and Fund Picks for Solid Income

The stock market selloff provides an opportunity to pick up preferred shares at steep discounts to their normal values.

Surreal Markets Demand Surreal Investing Tactics

It's time to put on your thinking cap and reject the group think investment strategies that have dominated the market for the past three years.

After a 3-Day Move Higher, I Think the Market Is Back to Being Overvalued

Yes, the stimulus that now seems sure to pass Congress and receive the president's signature will be beneficial for the U.S. economy.

Corporate Bonds and Preferred Stocks Are Looking Appetizing

Panic always creates trading opportunities, and right now those opportunities lie in corporate bonds and preferred stocks.

Here Are 8 Stocks to Watch This Week

Apple, Dunkin' and that pricey cooler company -- Yeti -- are among the big names reporting this week.

You Could Clean Up With These 'Dirty Dozen' Stocks

Swing for the fences with these down-and-out companies primed to rise.

Here's How I Know What Makes Callon Petroleum Tick

In addition to the Callon preferreds, I also own Callon's 10/24 senior notes, but not the stock.