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Small-Caps Roar, Bets Against the Market, Trading Nvidia

Money movers are not buying protection for individual names, but they are starting to bet against the market en masse, while the Russell 2000 ran up 4% on Monday.

Amgen Looks Set to Soar to New Heights - Despite the Naysayers

Here's how to play the biotech with earnings on the horizon.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals Stands Ready to Reach New Heights

Current owners of the small biotech company's shares should continue to hold them based on its charts but should put in a stop, too.

Indian Generic Maker Glenmark Seeks to Make Japanese Covid-19 Drug

India's drugmakers aim to manufacture generic versions of any coronavirus 'cure', even before the full findings as to how effective they are.

I Like What Eli Lilly Is Doing, but Have All the Horses Left the Barn?

Here are my thoughts on the quarter and trading the stock.

Genprex Has the Right Formula for a Trade

I've followed this name before it went public, and it's got some potentially promising treatments in its pipeline.

2 Small Biopharma Stocks That Should Perk Up as Nation Returns to Work

Flexion Therapeutics and BioDelivery Sciences International have promising products that should do well once the fixation on Covid-19 treatments wanes.

Speculative Inovio Pharmaceuticals Could Be a Home Run for Some Investors

This biotech is one of two companies in human trials for a vaccine for Covid-19.

Agilent Technologies Could Regain Its Former Peak

CEO McMullen said it's not a matter of if they'll have a vaccine, but when.

This Dividend Aristocrat Is the 'REIT' Choice Right Now

Realty Income isn't the highest yielding REIT around, but it offers sustainable dividends, and here's why.