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Moderna's Patent Credit, Palantir and ARK, Musk Sells Tesla as EV Stocks Climb

Plus, the intersection of rising inflation and a slowing velocity of money give us reason for pause.

Traders Should Be Stopped Out of Biohaven Pharmaceutical

For now I would take a wait and see approach.

How to Play AstraZeneca as Earnings Approach

Let's see how the charts are shaping up ahead of the numbers Friday.

I See a Direction for Compass Pathways

It may have a tough pill to swallow right now, but I'm still optimistic about psilocybin in general, and especially Cybin.

GT Biopharma Must Learn How to Play the Game ... and Explain Itself

Let's look at the rookie mistake the biopharma made on Monday, and what makes the company still hold promise for investors -- if it explains its C-suite moves.

Nasdaq Runs Higher, Semis Run Hot, EV Market Heats Up, Peloton Cools Down

Plus, we continue to wait with bated breath to see where Congress goes with President Biden's two big spending initiatives.

Let's Improvise as iRhythm Technologies Heads into Earnings

I'm going to offer a cautious trade on this name.

Pfizer Is a Low-Beat, Dividend Stock: Here's What Patient Investors Can Do

Pfizer attributed the quarter's sales of Comirnaty, the firm's Covid-19 Messenger RNA vaccine, for the size of the top and bottom line beats.

I Can't Confirm the Rumors on Aurinia, but I Can Confirm the Charts

After you do your homework on the pharma, here's what the technicals say about playing it.