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Back to Back Wins for Bristol-Myers, and Here's How I'd Trade It

BMY sees reason for optimism over the final half of the year.

Jim Cramer: No Shinola! Sellers Are Wrong on These 3 Stocks

Wendy's, Regeneron and Teladoc -- why would you unload them now?

Jim Cramer: Betting Against Science Is a Mug's Game

The buyers have decided that the researchers and doctors are going to beat the virus, so you better get on board or miss the move.

Ozzy and I Don't Know, Hare-Raising Tale, Enter the Dog Days: Market Recon

Plus, Russia could provide a real-time clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine.

Let's Not Overlook AbbVie's Q2 Beat

There is no thought of selling here and now, even with politicized pressure on the industry.

Here's My Biotechnology Shopping List

Biotechnology is always high risk but the right plays move unlike anything else.

Reinventing Kodak Is a Game Changer

My focus is the implied volatility. It gives us put selling or ratio put selling for credit opportunity.

It Makes Sense to Diversify Away from High-Beta Names

And there is a particular Brazilian ETF that is worth exploring if you want to take advantage of rising commodity prices and the falling U.S. dollar.

Strength in Alexion Pharmaceuticals May Be Temporary

Be cautious about ALXN in the short-run.

Gilead Sciences Could Dip a Little in Reaction to Earnings

The charts are looking soft right now.