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Jim Cramer: Goodbye to a Horrid Quarter

Now that the service economy is pretty much stopped in its tracks, here are promising areas, including technology as manufacturing, to consider.

Jim Cramer: Here's the Science Behind Our Rally

While Johnson & Johnson and other pharma cos. give us hope, here's my wish list to keep the nation safe and the economy ready to go again.

You Can Gild the Lilly

Our technical strategy says that Eli Lilly can be bought on strength over $144, as the name looks more attractive along with others in the health care sector.

Abbott Labs Passes Our Test

As it gets the OK for a new rapid Covid-19 detecting device, Abbott Labs could be purchased here following our new technical strategy.

Johnson & Johnson Is Ready to Rally After Reaching a Downside Price Target

While the short-term picture of JNJ suggests more risk is possible, the longer-term patterns are constructive.

3 Japanese Stocks Getting a Boost on Potential Coronavirus Treatments

Japan is a leader in pharmaceuticals and has three companies working overtime to develop treatments for Covid-19.

Q2 Earnings Expectations, 4 Key Economic Questions, Trading Abbott Labs

I do believe that having no economy is temporary. I also believe that what comes out on the other side will be smaller, far less global.

Sanofi's Charts Show Upside Potential Amid Its Covid-19 Work

The drug and vaccine maker possibly could see its shares double according to a key chart.

3 Strong Long-Term Buys for Uncertain Times

These pharmaceutical names have what it takes amid the current crisis and for the long run.

Good Medicine for a Retest? Johnson & Johnson

A strong S&P for three days makes me leery of what's ahead, but here's an option in JNJ.