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How to Extract Pretty Profits from Ugly Stocks

It's a process that involves harvesting gains by repeatedly writing call options against stocks steadily in decline.

Earnings to Tell Whether Cannabis' High Growth Story Is Going to Pot

After a 2018 high, marijuana stocks are gaining popularity again, but which ones are producing the most green for investors? Here are the charts.

Evolus Could See Breakout Soon

EOLS appears to have formed a small triangle pattern the past few weeks and a breakout is likely before reaching the apex.

CBD-Laced Foods Could Be Technically Illegal, But the FDA Might Soon Change That

Agency has the authority to carve out an exception to existing laws.

Fear Not the Curve, Sizing Up Earnings and Ways to Play Amgen: Market Recon

Understanding yourself and the investing environment you are in are keys to avoiding panic brought on by fear.

Checking In on 2 Small Biotech Names That Had Big Quarters

Stemline Therapeutics and Flexion Therapeutics both saw their shares climb on positive news developments.

An Example of How I Stalk a Trade

With Aurinia Pharmaceuticals, the key is to be patient and to buy incrementally.

The Rally in GW Pharmaceuticals Should Continue - Here's How I'd Play It

Let's see how the charts of GWPH are shaping up.

AbbVie: The Right Mixture for the Perfect Stock

ABBV has a positive earnings-per-share growth, an expanding price-to-earnings multiple and dividends that could result in annual shareholder returns well above 20%.

NovoCure Looks Due for a Technical Correction

Let's look at the charts and indicators in addition to following the fundamentals.