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Are These 2 Stocks Going to the Dogs?

Let's check on the charts of IDEXX Laboratories and Zoetis.

This Portfolio of Lovable 2018 Losers Puts on a Year-End Sprint

A handful of standouts among the dozen stocks that make up the Tax-Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio pushed the group higher over the last month.

PetMed Express Is an Investor's Best Friend

PETS has generated positive operating cash flow for more than a decade and it has been using that cash flow to pay dividends to shareholders.

I'm Willing to Take a Small Roll of the Dice With Chewy

The chart on Chewy is one ugly mutt, there's no denying it, but the price action turned this week.

Portfolio of Comeback Hopefuls Makes a Comeback of Its Own

September's wave of buying in value stocks likely helped lift some of the 12 companies that are part of the 2018 Tax-Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio.

A Sagging Drugmaker and Lagging Pet Health Name Both Worth Looks

Alexion Pharmaceuticals and Elanco Animal Health have seen their shares go to the dogs of late, but still offer reasons for portfolio consideration.

Chewy Looks Like It Has Found a Floor

I'm more of the notion to play the run into earnings rather than through earnings.

These 2 Companies Could Be More Than Pet Projects for Investors

IDEXX Laboratories and Zoetis Inc. appear ready to trade higher, offering stable opportunities as the dog-eat-dog trade war lingers on.

Hot Diggity: PetIQ Could Rally 30% From Here, but There Is Risk

Here's how to play the stock right now.

A Handful of Small Biotechs That Make for Merger Chatter

The names include a veterinary drug concern plus companies with successful drugs on the market.