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General Mills Could Reach Historic New Highs

Investors should put GIS on their shopping list.

Can Chewy Keep on Purring?

Let's check out the charts to see if the rally from the March low can continue.

I Feel Like a Longer View Put Spread With Chewy Might be a Logical Play

I would want to give this trade either a long time or look for a quick drop.

We're in the Middle of a Trading Range Right Now

This is still a very difficult market for individual stock picking as the action is strongly correlated.

3 Stocks to Own Now: HUYA, Chewy, and Fastly

All three are names that can survive if the shelter-in-place order in various areas in the United States extends post-Easter, and they'll benefit beyond COVID-19.

Chewy Attracts More Bullish Analysts

Let's review the charts of this online retailer of pet supplies.

Chewy on This Options Trade

Assuming deliveries can still be made, then CHWY should see its pet business hold tight or even increase.

Zoetis Looks Like a Nice Pet Project for Investors, Just Not Yet

Let this animal medicine company go a bit lower before rounding up some shares.

I Have a Bone to Pick With Chewy's Technicals

The fundamental story behind Chewy may be improving but the charts and indicators are not convinced.

Freshpet Is Being a Good Bird Dog and Pointing Higher

A look at the charts and indicators of this maker of fresh pet food.