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60 Seconds: Own Dividend Stocks And Get Paid While The Market Tanks (Video)

It's hard to watch the market fall. But knowing you're still getting paid while it happens can make it much more palpable. That's why you need to have some dividend-producing stocks in your portfolio. Watch our video to find out why!

60 Seconds: How to Survive a Market Meltdown

Like most things, the stock market goes up and down. And sometimes when it goes down, you may feel like you need to pull out the Dramamine. Watch this 60 second video to prevent that.

60 Seconds: Did You Take 'Nova to Win? Uncle Sam's Psyched to Share Your Money!

If you took Villanova to win in your March Madness bracket -- Congratulations! That's awesome! Now make sure you share that -- and any other money you win from an office pool or gambling bet -- with Uncle Sam. In 60 seconds, watch and learn how.

Is the President Right About Amazon?

While it's not a full-blown "Turnaround Tuesday," the indices are up. Plus Spotify attempts to go public without bankers and the President calls out Amazon -- again. But is he right? Watch!

Dow Off Sessions Lows But Still Down 459 Points. Watch What Happened Now!

While the Dow was off its session lows, its still finished down 459. Watch TheStreet's team explain what happened and how you might have a buying opportunity as a result.

Last Call!...For These Tax Deductions

You remember last call, don't you?! Well put the drink down and grab your tax return but it's "last call" for some of your favorite tax deductions thanks to the new tax law. Watch our video to find out which ones!

Women's History Month: Nancy Lieberman -- Still Law Firm's Youngest Partner Ever

For Women's History Month, Alpha Rising sat down with Nancy Lieberman, Of Counsel at Skadden, Arps. She was and still is the youngest person to ever make partner at her firm. She has worked on some of the biggest M&A deals in history -- and we should mention -- she's in a wheelchair and barely as use of her hands. Feel like a slacker yet? Good. Watch.

What Is the 'Pink Tax' and Why Is It Costing Women (and Some Men) Extra Money?

Critics say stores charge more for women's razors than men's razors and other gender-specific products.

AAP Exclusive: Cramer On What Went Wrong With 3M

His charitable trust's investment in MMM looked great ... but wasn't.

AAP Exclusive: Rate Hikes and Inflation (Or Lack Thereof)

In March's Action Alerts PLUS members' call, Cramer discusses which companies will be affected by the interest rate hikes and how the lack of inflation affects the economy overall.