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It's Hard to Take a Vacation With a Market That's This Volatile

A lot has changed in a week, with the bears gaining the upper hand again.

When Europe Runs Tight on Energy, Several U.S. Companies Gasp

How would Russia's invasion of Ukraine impact the bottom-lines of companies like Starbucks or Marriott? Let's see how Europe's energy woes can have major implications for U.S. businesses.

Oil's Sprung a Leak: Demand Destruction

For those who think this commodity can go higher and higher, remember that elusive part of the equation: demand.

With Energy Security on Everyone's Mind, Here's My Top Pick in the Sector

We are in the early stages of massive spending in the energy group.

The Tide Is Changing for Transocean

RIG looks ready for a breakout after bottoming for two years.

Baker Hughes Is Set to Rally Further

Traders should use available price weakness to go long BKR.

Get Real Folks: Get Into Coal and These Energy Names

Instead of falling for fantasies about the state of the world, take a sober look at my HOAX names.

Halliburton Is Making a Technical Comeback

Let's check out the charts and indicators.

As Oil Spikes Amid Russia's War, Here Are 3 Dividend Stocks to Watch

Let's look at the top oil stocks with high dividends and with exposure to high oil prices.