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I'm Lassoing in a 'Cowboy' Trade in Oil

Here's an options play in Texas-based Comstock Resources.

NOV Inc. Looks Poised for Follow Though Buying

Here's how to play it.

Schlumberger Could Rise More Than 30% as It Resumes Its Uptrend

Shares of the oil services firm have snapped back sharply in recent days.

Oil Will Bubble Up and Spill: Make Sure You Time a Trade Right

Trends are relative to time frame, and energy traders must decide which bet to make -- and when to make it -- as I see a big swing ahead.

The 'Refiner' Things in Life: 3 Oil Dividend Stocks With High Yields

These energy companies are benefitting from high demand and tight supply.

Don't Get Left Holding the Bag After Central Bankers Run Amok

Let's shine a light on the evils of easy money and how to invest now that the spigot is turned down.

As Oil's Set to Slip, I See a Play in Schlumberger

Let me show you how to trade SLB as I see WTI crude closing below $95.

With Oil, Keep Your Eyes on the Prize by Focusing on Supply

The earth's oil supply is only going in one direction -- down -- and here's what that means for investors.

The Pendulum Swings Back, but Don't Look for Things to Stabilize

It could swing past the point where things look normal or OK to a point where things look bad again.

This New Energy Fund Sounds Dirty, But Could Help Investors Clean Up

The Strive U.S. Energy exchange-traded fund is billed as an anti-ESG ETF. Let's see how it stacks up against the similar Energy Select SPDR Fund.