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Halliburton's Roller Coaster Ride Post-Earnings

Over the past nine reports, HAL has closed red seven times with another essentially being flat.

Halliburton Stock Is No Bargain

Until the production and exploration companies start gaining momentum it will be hard for service companies to do the same.

There Are Many Reasons Why I Prefer Schlumberger Over Halliburton

For those willing to play the oil services game, SLB is the better long position going forward than HAL.

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A rundown of several oil companies that could soon be on the block.

Anadarko Deal Rewards Shareholders Betting on the Beleaguered Stock in 2019

Anadarko is surging as its planned, $33 billion acquisition by Chevron recognizes its underlying value.

Jim Cramer: What Will It Take to Hit a Bottom in Oil?

When you have watched oil stocks go nowhere despite a huge run in crude, perhaps it is time to take the other side of the trade.

This Energy Stock Has a Reversal in Its Pipeline

When a stock forms a 'bullish reversal pattern' we take notice.

Jim Cramer: Buy an Oil Stock?

Here's the problem with these oil breakouts.

This Deep-Value Portfolio Keeps Plugging Along

These 22 stocks in the aggregate continue to outpace the Russell 2000 and Russell Microcap indices as all but three are in positive territory.

Has GE Really Reset Expectations for the Stock?

Is it time to return to General Electric?