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Don't 'Peg' Your Hopes on Sustainable Oil Prices

There is a lot of oil that needs to be soaked up before we see higher sustainable prices, and meanwhile the Saudi-U.S. relationship is thicker than crude.

This Energy MLP Has High Dividend Potential, Less Risk Than Competitors

Energy Transfer has a sustainable 15% yield.

What's All the Fuss About Oil Storage?

Those predicting a doomsday scenario similar to what we saw in April will be disappointed.

Time to Jump Into the Oil Patch

Many major oil names did not participate in the recent craziness.

Jim Cramer: Here's What the Oil Rally Tells Us

The idea of paying $37 for someone to take a barrel has a lot to do with the malfunctioning of the way oil trades.

Jim Cramer: The Great Oil Disconnect

In any other business, if you saw demand fall, you would make less, but what did oil producers do as Covid-19 stopped people from driving, flying and leaving home?

Nordic American Tanker Can Rally Further But Only Nimble Traders Should Apply

Let's check out the charts and indicators of this oil storage play.

When Oil's Leaking and the Market's a Mess, Check Under the Hood

We are still short-term overbought, but not yet intermediate-term overbought and breadth is a bit better -- it's time to look at the statistics.

Jim Cramer: Oil Tanked, and We're in Uncharted Waters

Oil isn't really worthless and Amazon isn't the only retailer that will survive, but we are in a mixed up market thanks to Covid-19.

Schlumberger May Have Discounted the Bad News for Now and Could Bounce From Here

Let's review the charts and indicators.