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Natural Gas Trades Are on the 'BOIL'

Here's how I'd play this commodity right now as it holds arbitrage opportunities.

You Bet There's a Trade to Be Made With BP

Here's how I'll do it without increasing my allocation toward energy.

With CorEnergy, I'm Gonna Make a Ruling Right Here

Now is when tactics replace strategy.

2023's Rally Has Been Highlighted By a 'Dash for Trash'

The stocks making the most explosive moves are beaten-down names with market caps under $1B.

I'm On the Other Side of the Natural Gas Speculation: Try These 3 ETFs

Natgas is so full of classic bear traps but consider these ETFs based on their individual risk tolerances.

Is Europe the New Poster Child for Asset Allocation in 2023?

It never pays to be invested in a one-sided way for too long, at least as it pertains to commodities such as natural gas.

I'm Making Small Bets With These 2 Stocks

While I remain cautious on the overall market, I continue to act upon the limited opportunities I'm finding in the current market.

Chevron Is Crushing It and for My Portfolio Too: Here's the Trade

The only reason to exit the stock now is profit-taking.

Adani Companies Plunge Under Hindenburg Attack, Hurting Secondary Sale Attempt

Retail investors may baulk now they are being offered Adani Enterprises shares at a range well above their current trading price.

Back to the Dark Ages? No, We're Not Running Out of Natural Gas

We're past the middle of the peak of winter and even assuming this cold weather spell, inventories should close the season very comfortably.