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Natural Gas

It's a Long Shot, but Here's My Ideal Scenario to Keep the Fed in Check

It involves people pocketing their savings from lower gasoline prices so that the economy cools and the Fed doesn't need to raise rates again.

CorEnergy Takes Important Step in Deleveraging

However, the preferreds are no longer 'money good.' So a completely new 'distressed company' calculus has taken over.

Put This Preferred 'Bench Player' in Your Investment Starting Lineup

These shares allow you to make a call about the future prospects of the U.S. equity market while getting paid in the interim.

Range Resources Has Made an Upside Breakout

Let's see what traders could do now.

While Everyone's Fired Up Over Nasdaq, Natural Gas Is What's Really Hot

Let's look at how to play this commodity, without getting burnt.

EQT Could Rally on Latest Natural Gas Prices

Let's check the charts and indicators.

TotalEnergies Makes an Upside Breakout

Here's what traders could do now.

With the Oil Patch Facing Consolidation, One Stock Stands Out

Energy giants are investing on finding ways to contribute to the still developing global transition to a green energy future, and they'd like to remain permanently relevant.

This Stock Is a Bright Spot in the Energy Sector

There are several things that make oil producers attractive on a longer-term basis.

Pioneer Natural Resources Rallies as Exxon Considers a Takeover

Look for higher prices for PXD in the near future.