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Jim Cramer on What's Next for Sonos After Its IPO

Listen to Cramer equate Sonos to Fitbit, which is the "kiss of death."

5 Key Spotify User Statistics to Keep on Replay

As with any online service, Spotify's true value may lie with its monthly active users. Here's a few things you should know about Spotify's user-base before you decide to invest in the streaming platform.

2018 Super Bowl Ads: Pepsi Brings Back Cindy Crawford, Michael Jackson and More

The newly launched Pepsi Generation campaign pays tribute to the company's 120-year history in pop culture. So they're bringing Cindy Crawford back -- along with her son. Even Michael Jackson makes a cameo for the 2018 Super Bowl. Watch!

CES 2018: 3 Robots That Will Make Your Life Easier

Remember the 'Jetsons'? Well, the future is here! And so are robots that can do just about anything. Watch the video to see how far they've come.

Planet Fitness CEO: Here Comes 4,000 Discount Gyms

Planet Fitness continues to be a growth juggernaut. The discount gym's CEO Chris Rondeau tells TheStreet he still believes the company can have more than 4,000 locations open at some point.

Spotify Ranks The Most Popular Christmas Songs

Each December, Spotify ranks the most popular Christmas songs by country, state, even age group. So watch our video to see if Mariah beat Elvis.

Apple Reveals Top Movie, Music and TV Downloads of 2017

Apple finally revealed the top movie, music and TV downloads of 2017! Would you believe an animated movie was on the top? Did your favorites make the list? Watch and let us know!

Top 5 Worst Tech Products: MapQuest, Google Glass, TiVo

Technology has come and gone throughout the years, but these are some of the worst tech products we have seen.

Video: This New Audi A8 Sedan Has Level 3 Autonomous Technology

Audi unveiled a new luxury A8 sedan at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which opened December 1. The sedan is complete with Level 3 autonomous technology.

Watch: You Don't Realize How Much Technology Has Changed Your Life

Technology and innovation have been a driving force in our way of life. Before then things were a bit more difficult, here is how that has changed.