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Apple Selloff Setting Up as a Buying Opportunity

A pullback to a key support level would make an ideal entry point for an investment or a trade.

Now That Netflix Is Down, Is the Stock a Buy?

Not quite yet, but if shares of the streaming giant pull back to a key support level the potential reward in a trade would appear to greatly outweigh the risk.

A Disney Mousetrap?

Still, DIS is a name I want to own long-term.

A Triangle Formation on Apple Is Approaching an Upside Breakout

Here's where traders and investors who are not long AAPL could go long.

Under the Radar: Reading International and Keweenaw Land Association

Value investors take note of these stocks.

Roku's Charts Are Turning Bullish Again

Here's where traders could go long now.

Jim Cramer: What's Just as Good as Riding a Stock? Riding the Throng

Here's where you can make yourself right.

Disney Reports, and I'm Certainly Not Done Buying the Shares

I see it as okay to start - if one has not already - building a long position in DIS.

I Love the Growth in FuboTV: Here's My Trade Idea

The stock is investible as long as the investor understands that there's clearly an element of speculation to making that choice.