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The Charts Point to More Selling Ahead for 4 Former Tech Leaders

Keep in mind that no matter how much a stock has fallen, it can always go lower, and it appears these four stocks could prove that point.

Now Playing on Roku: Poor Charts

The downtrend in the price of ROKU is not finished.

Will Apple Prove to Be Hardy Stock or Just Low-Hanging Fruit?

A look at shares of the market and tech bellwether as the broader averages comes are under selling pressure.

What's Next for Netflix as the Charts Turn Lower Again?

Here's what you should continue to avoid.

Don't Change the Channel on Roku

Here's why the shares could stage a recovery.

'AMC Comes Full Circle' Is Now Playing in an Equity Market Near You

The movie theater operator that saw its stock soar last year as a meme favorite now finds its shares returning to earth in a tough trading environment.

A Look at Roku Just Ahead of Earnings

Let's check the charts.

Markets, Semiconductor and Defense Stocks, Real Yields, Netflix, Trading Disney

For NFLX, I think I'll give this one the old 'Three Day Rule', and then we'll take a look. Even then, it may just be a trader, not a keeper.

Don't Call Me an Apple Bear, But You Might Not Like What I Have to Say

How you handle this is up to you.