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Strength in AMC Entertainment Is Likely a MacGuffin

It's doubtful fresh financing can reverse the stock's downtrend in a meaningful way.

The Charts Show That Roku's Ready to Stream to New Highs

Roku looks ready to make an upside move over the highs of April and May.

AMC Entertainment Could Double - But It Doesn't Feel Like a Blockbuster

The company plans to begin opening its theaters on July 15.

Netflix Might Show Some Static Before Displaying Gains

Expect a sideways correction, but the charts are still positive overall.

AMC Entertainment Stock Surges but the Risk/Reward Numbers Are Not Compelling

The world's largest cinema chain gains on reports that Amazon may be having talks for a possible takeover of the firm.

Toymaker Mattel is Likely to Struggle Further on the Charts

Let's review the charts and indicators.

This Year's Tax-Loss-Selling Recovery Portfolio Is a Real Loser So Far

This experiment in trying to identify stocks that could come back after dismal year-ago performance isn't going well five months since its inception.

Roku Is in the New Mad Money Covid-19 Index: Let's Look at the Charts

Home entertainment stocks like Roku are represented in the index

Roku Could Climb Higher Later This Year

Here's how I'd trade ROKU now.

Netflix Is Hot, So Is It Time to Chill? Yes and No

Buyers of the streaming giant's stock before its recent run higher would do well to book some profits while retaining of a big chunk of this winner's shares.