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Netflix's Trend Is Not Your Friend

Charts are still bearish and the downtrend is not over.

Stalking Disney on the Charts

What I need to do is wait for a 'TRIGGER' that tells me that it's worth placing a bet against any of three support zones.

For Disney, One Stock Price Is Key

Disney is at a crossroads on the charts.

The Advantages Netflix Held Over the Market Are Being Removed Brick by Brick

Given Apple and Disney's aggressive pricing structure entering the streaming arena, Netflix's ability to increase prices is now threatened.

Netflix: What the Charts Say Is in Store for the Stock

Weakness has continued into September, but what's next?

Here's How I'm Playing Disney Now

Watching the show previews for the original content on Disney+ looks like hit after hit after hit.

Stay Tuned on Viacom-CBS Deal

A drop in shares doesn't necessarily mean it's time to turn the channel on Viacom, as details of expected merger with CBS will prove 'paramount.'

Viacom Stock Pops as Media Merger with CBS Set to Close

Viacom shareholders may finally be rewarded this week for their patience.

Kass: The Mouse That Didn't Roar

Disney has been the target of my negativity on and off over the last three years.

Avoid Disney, Which Showed Signs of Weakness Before Its Latest Earnings

Disney's third-quarter miss comes in a weak broader market and could send the entertainment giant's shares below support.