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Roku's Price Action Will Be Challenging for Short-Term Traders

Let's see what Monday's sharp drop did to the charts and indicators.

Viacom's Charts Can't Divine Impact on Price Action of CBS Merger

Traders would do well to find another stock to trade right now.

CBS Charts Eye a Potential Rise in Its Shares

The media giant's technical signals hint at an upside move in its stock.

Disney Is All About World Building

DIS is one of the best in creating worlds. That separates it from other media companies.

Disney Stock Takes Flight After Earnings Beat: How Investors Should Play It Now

Checking the charts again after the House of Mouse's latest numbers.

I'm Selling the Pop in Disney Stock

Do I think the shares go higher later? Probably.

Disney's Charts Suggest Investors Will Like Its Earnings Report

DIS is more likely to trade higher in the days ahead.

Here's Why I'm Short Netflix

For those long this name there is hope.

Netflix Needs to Catch Its Breadth Before Further Strength

Prices reached the $307 price target from the Point and Figure chart so now what?

Here Are the Problems I See With Netflix

Overall, I wasn't blown away by these numbers.