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Jim Cramer: Adam Aron Is About to Rescue AMC Entertainment Yet Again

Since the pandemic began, it'll be the sixth time for AMC by the turnaround CEO, aptly named Houdini.

Roku's Charts Suggest Still Further Declines Ahead

Continue to avoid the long side of ROKU.

The Price Damage for Roku Is Not Over Yet

It looks like further declines are possible. Avoid the long side.

Here's How to Play AMC Entertainment Now

The short-term puts look like an attractive sell opportunity.

I Don't See Anything Compelling on Netflix Right Now

Let's take a close look at the NFLX charts.

Disney Has Done Everything Right, and Here's My Trade Idea

Disney is going to be one of the great reopening plays as economic activity normalizes.

Mattel May Tip Higher or Lower So Watch it Closely Now

Traders long MAT from late October can continue to hold those positions but raise sell stops.

I'm Going to Wait Before Recommending Disney

The charts and indicators are mixed.

Apple Earnings Land After Close -- Here's What the Charts Say

This is what I see going into the release of AAPL's quarterly report.

Why Am I Long Verizon? Why Am I Long AT&T? Here's Why

AT&T's earnings showed some good, some bad and some ugly.