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Here's the Safest Way to Get Long Netflix Ahead of Earnings

NFLX reports its third quarter financial performance after the close of business tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.

Netflix Surges to a New High and We Adjust Our Numbers Accordingly

Here's our next upside price target.

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My Plan for Disney Will Surprise You

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Disney Gets Storybook Wings That Will Give Its Charts a Boost Post Earnings

The entertainment giant delivered stronger-than-expected third-quarter results.

Sizing Up Possible Buy Entries for Square and Amazon

The charts of the two growth stocks are worth tracking, especially after Amazon's recent pullback.

A Peek at Peaking GDP, Amazon Riptide, Message for Anti-Vaxxers, Cliffs Note

Plus, we take a deeper dive into the second-quarter GDP numbers.

Now That Netflix Is Down, Is the Stock a Buy?

Not quite yet, but if shares of the streaming giant pull back to a key support level the potential reward in a trade would appear to greatly outweigh the risk.

A Disney Mousetrap?

Still, DIS is a name I want to own long-term.

Roku Has Corrected and Looks Ready for New Strength

We have a strategy for aggressive traders.