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Your Advanced Degree Matters to Your Credit Score

Your creditworthiness is influenced by your college degree.

5 Stocks Hedge Funds Are Selling

Funds are unloading shares of these five big stocks -- but the timing looks suspect on a few of them.

Donald Trump Is Calling for a Review of Dodd-Frank

President Donald Trump may be signing an executive order that calls for a review of the landmark 2010 financial regulation law Dodd-Frank.

Why You're Probably Going to Die in Debt

NerdWallet's annual household debt survey found that the average household owes $132,529, including mortgage debt.

Good News for Homeowners: Housing Prices Continue to Climb

Here's a look at new home prices around the country.

Delinquency Rates Will Rise in 2017 for Auto Loans and Credit Cards, Says TransUnion

Mortgage delinquency rates are projected to fall in 2017, but delinquency rates for other consumer credit products will increase, according to TransUnion.

Rising Mortgage Rates Won't Slow Housing Market in 2017 -- Economist

The housing market is finishing the year on a high note, and 2017 could see it head even higher, says David Berson, chief economist for Nationwide.

The Fed, Trump and Home Prices in 2017

The Federal Reserve will most likely raise short term interest rates tomorrow, but don't expect this latest hike to be the last, says Arash Sotoodehnia, chief credit officer of RealtyShares.

Looking to Buy a Home? You May Want to do it Sooner Rather Than Later

Mortgage rates will continue to move higher in 2017 according to one economist who believes they could hit 5%.

Investors Have Been Selling Bonds Since the Election, Could Spell Trouble for Borrowers

Market turmoil in the bond market could lead to higher rates on consumer loans, says one portfolio manager.