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After a Year Like This, I've Found a True 'Alternative' Investment

The end of the year can't get here fast enough for most investors.

15 Years Ago, the Housing Market Crashed Under Similar Circumstances

Is housing history about to repeat?

Rising Rates: A Break of a 40-Year Trend Should Not Be Ignored

With 10-Year Treasury yields, it isn't where it's been, it's where it's headed.

Forget a Soft Landing, We Have Now Run Out of Runway

It's time for investors to keep it simple and keep it safe.

Follow the Green Brick Road

Higher mortgage rates have created opportunities in the homebuilder space. Here's one and how to trade it.

Chinese Mortgage Crisis Could Threaten Financial Stability

The strike on home-loan payments could expand to US$355 billion, causing a crisis in confidence for the most-important sector in China's economy.

China's Meager Q2 Growth Manifests in Mortgage-Payment Boycott

Homebuyers are refusing to honor their mortgages in a movement that is snowballing in China, causing a headache for developers and mortgage-issuing banks.

Blue Monday, Yields Send a Flare, Macau Effect, Dollar-Euro Parity, Prime Day

Equity markets and commodity markets, in particular, tend to run ahead of reality, so they may bottom ahead of economies.

Here's How Rocket Can Fuel Your Portfolio

As mortgage rates fly higher, this options play in RKT could take off.

Rocket Cos Won't Be Blasting Off From Here

Let's check out the charts and indicators.