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Here Are 4 Opportunities Within a Very Challenging Market

The Russia invasion of Ukraine has ramifications that might turn out to be a significant tail wind for uranium producers.

Are Homebuilders in for a Hurting as Confidence Wanes?

The most recent indication of a potential change in bullish sentiment is the marked decline in the sales expectations.

Inflation Is Very Real, Just Ask Costco Shoppers

Here's hoping that we don't return to the 1970's and early 1980's inflation eras.

Looking to Get Back in on the Housing Sector, Here's My Plan

With a recent pullback in these stocks I am looking for strategic re-entry points.

UWM Holdings Charts Don't Point to a Compelling Buy

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Buy Bond Funds Now

It was all 'fun and games' when the long end of the yield curve was rising, but when the 5-year Treasury yield started to move higher, that caught the Fed's attention.

It's a Kind of MGIC: This Insurance Provider Is Up, but Still Cheap

MGIC Investment is the industry leader in private mortgage insurance. Here's how to play it.

It Is NOT Too Late to Refinance Your Mortgage

And don't forget to check your local banks.

Let's Make Some MGIC

Here's how to play often-volatile MGIC Investment Corp., the company that invented private mortgage insurance.

Have Faith in Fidelity National

This industry leader is at a great price.