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The One Question, Evergrande, Fed Meeting, Technical Levels, Looming Knife Fight

China cannot be the engine that global economies have relied upon if its goals have shifted back toward pulling power away from even its own leading businesses.

What Fed Tapering Would Mean for the Markets and Economy

Ahead of Jackson Hole, the Fed knows QE is doing more harm than good.

Market on Eggshells, Masking Up, ISM, Pfizer and Moderna Just Getting Started

Doesn't the Fed now have to taper asset purchases simply to avoid becoming an even greater force in these markets?

Market Discomfort, Suffering Small-Caps, Understanding Powell, Manchin's The Man

The Russell 2000 is now down not just back-to-back sessions, but six sessions in the last eight with all six of those "down" days having given up 0.9% or more.

Powell on the Hill, Inflation and Treasuries, Budget Deficit, Apple, Trading WW

If you are not in the market for a vehicle right now, inflation is right where the pros thought it would be.

Never Forgetting, Do the Math, Drowning in Debt, Awash in Cash, Euphoria Check

Plus, checking the post-earnings reactions of Salesforce.com, Costco, Ulta Beauty and Veeva Systems.

Sovereign Debt Markets, Mortgage Madness, Trading Zscaler and Palo Alto Networks

There's absolutely no good reason for the Fed to still be supporting the mortgage market and there hasn't been for quite some time.

I Wouldn't Write a Blank Check for Replay Acquisition

I am not looking for a bull move with Replay Acquisition, despite its pending deal to bring Finance of America public.

What the Spike in Treasury Yields Means for Stocks and Other Markets

If rates are going to keep rising from here, both of these things need to happen.

An OK Thursday, Man vs. Machine, Labor Labors, QE Forever?: Market Recon

Plus, we check in on Peloton and Datadog and the Nasdaq Composite Index.