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3 Key Fed Takeaways, the Rally, Deciphering Price Discovery, Less Than Convinced

Has the FOMC heeded Market Recon's advice? Probably not.

Fed Minutes, Terrible Transports, Eye-Popping Debt, Bond Yields, Defense Stocks

You are more likely to encounter an albino deer in the forest or shake hands with a friendly sasquatch than realize that interest rates have hit neutral territory.

Ukraine Unease, Index Intrigue, Sectors Slide, and Please Finesse It, Fed

Plus, quick technical looks at Northrop Grumman and Nvidia.

Panic City, Hot Inflation, Bullard's Bombshell, Tough Thursday, Futures Shock

Futures trading is now pricing in the near certainty of 50-basis-point liftoff for the fed funds rate on March 16 and a lot more beyond.

Not Your Average Thursday, CPI Setup, Cleveland Guardian, Uber, Trading Notes

Markets were so green Wednesday, it felt like somebody knew something.

3 High Dividend REITs Yielding Over 10%

These names offer massive current dividend yields, and two of them are paid monthly rather than quarterly.

Here's Why I Remain Underweight the Housing Sector

The softening housing market is just one reason consumer sentiment recently fell to a near decade low.

The Fed's Future, Powell and Brainard, Yield Curves, Hypersonic Weapons Problem

Assigning the central bank responsibilities extending beyond the adjustment of monetary policy creates an unknown that I do not think we can assume outcomes for.

Fed Takeaways, What Is Truth?, Small-Caps Lead, China Warning, Trading Albemarle

There was a story almost entirely missed by the media on Wednesday. The Treasury Department announced a tapering of its own ahead of the Fed's policy statement.

The One Question, Evergrande, Fed Meeting, Technical Levels, Looming Knife Fight

China cannot be the engine that global economies have relied upon if its goals have shifted back toward pulling power away from even its own leading businesses.