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Trump Sowing the Seeds of a 10% Stock Market Correction?

Trump's constant fanning of trade war flames is starting to weigh on the minds of investors.

Who Is Right: AT&T's CEO or People Obsessed With Netflix Stock?

AT&T's CEO is bullish on the future of TV. Netflix shares up 106% this year suggest he should temper his enthusiasm.

Micron's Stock Is Out of Control Just Like Every Other Mega Tech Stock

Micron's stock continues to defy conventional wisdom. But that isn't too different than what's happening to other tech stocks.

These 12 Stocks Are Looking Gloomy as Trump Fuels Trade War Fears

Multinational stocks are in focus on Tuesday as Trump fuels worries over a global trade war. Morning Jolt gets your trading day started right.

Ford's CEO Just Got a Badly Needed Vote of Confidence From His Boss

Ford CEO Jim Hackett snagged a vote of confidence from his boss Bill Ford on Monday. Meanwhile, stock markets remain under pressure amid trade war fears.

GE's Stock Having a Brutal June

Shares of General Electric are having a rough month as investors stay worried about the industrial giant's health. Meanwhile, Trump's new tariffs on China have the market on edge.

Elon Musk Wants to Torch Tesla Stock Haters

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is all about torching Tesla short-sellers. Meanwhile, the market is staying afloat despite several new concerns.

Is Elon Musk Making a Big Mistake Canning 9% of Tesla's Workforce?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is a making a big gamble by cutting loose 9% of the company's workforce. Here's one hot trade off the AT&T/Time Warner deal decision.

3 Things That Will Quickly Make You a Smarter Investor Today

On the latest edition of Jolt, TheStreet recaps its marathon coverage Tuesday of Stifel's 2018 Cross Sector Insight Conference.

The Stock Market Is in a Dangerous Place After Trump's Meeting With Kim

The stock market is trading at lofty levels despite a key Fed meeting where a rate hike is all but certain.