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Here Comes the Trump Recession, Maybe

The market has done nothing for about a year. With trade war talk escalating, we could be just headed for a plunge.

Alphabet's Autonomous Driving Asset Could Send Its Stock Blowing by $2,000

Alphabet is sitting on a gem in Waymo. Here's what one well-known analyst had to say on the business.

Jolt: Wall Street Loves Apple, Howard Schultz Loves Starbucks

Wall Street will likely stay bullish on Apple into earnings on July 31. Starbucks chairman emeritus Howard Schultz is back to commenting on the coffee chain's business.

Here Comes Nvidia's Latest Powerful Graphics Chip

It's Friday, so why not talk about some Wall Street rumors. There is life beyond the U.S. trade war with China.

Netflix Has No Other Choice But to Test This New 'Ultra' Subscription

Netflix is reportedly testing a new higher priced subscription. Trade war fears on Wall Street are being ratcheted higher.

Who Would You Bet Your Life Savings On: Michael Dell or FANG Stocks?

Michael Dell may have a hard time drumming up support for his soon-to-be-public company. Stick with FANG stocks people. And the stock of the day is Raytheon. Happy July 4.

Tesla Bulls Could Still Get Run Over Despite Model 3 Production Milestone

Tesla bulls need to keep things in perspective in the wake of the company's Model 3 production milestone. Meanwhile, trade war fear has spooked Wall Street.

Doesn't It Feel Like Stocks Just Want to Crater?

Markets continue to look very weak as trade war fears ripple throughout the globe. Amazon is the stock the day, of course.

Nvidia Just Lost $13 Billion in Market Value for No Good Reason

Stick with Nvidia, it's a winning company. Meanwhile, Trump is ruining his own bull market. Here's what you need to know.

General Electric's Empire Has Officially Crumbled

GE announced its long-awaited breakup plan on Tuesday. Here's what you need to know.