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Wall Street Awaits Elon Musk's Biggest Decision on Tesla Ever

Elon Musk has to step up and decide what to do with Tesla. Roku is on fire. Markets look for direction.

Elon Musk Selling Tesla to This Fellow Billionaire Makes Sense for Both Parties

Elon Musk should go knocking on the door of an Omaha billionaire. Markets are rocking, and could stay rocking.

Does the Stock Market Deserve to Be Near Records?

Stock prices continue to head higher, but does the rally make any sense? Tesla shares lose momentum. Carl Icahn declares war on Cigna.

Indra Nooyi Leaves PepsiCo's New CEO At Least 3 Big Challenges

PepsiCo will soon have a new CEO. Ramon Laguarta will quickly face some big challenges at the beverage and snacks giant. Let the Apple iPhone rumors begin.

Apple at $1 Trillion: By 2019, Apple May Be Worth $1.4 Trillion

Apple's one trillion valuation is just a stepping stone to even more greatness. 'Morning Jolt' quickly looks at why.

Elon Musk Recharges Fanatical Tesla Stock Bulls

Tesla CEO Elon Musk delivered on some promises in the second quarter. Will new Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson make good on his promises?

Apple's Race to $2 Trillion Has Officially Begun

Apple's quarter impressed Wall Street. Let the race to a $2 trillion valuation begin.

Why Apple Won't Save Sagging Tech Stocks

Apple earnings likely won't save sagging tech stocks. Tesla earnings could really ruin the lives of 10 Wall Street analysts.

Investors Own Too Many Tech Stocks and That's Not Good

Investors remain too focused on tech stocks, and that could mean bad things for the market. Here comes Tesla's earnings.

Amazon's Dominance Is Only Just Beginning

Amazon's strong second quarter is only the start of the company's dominance, believe it or not. Starbucks had a terrible quarter. Twitter did OK.