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Money Basics

Tony Robins Wants You to Watch Your 401k

Even a seemingly small 3% fee can deplete your account by thousands of dollars.

Unprepared for Surprise Bills, Consumers Land in Long-Term Debt

One unexpected bill can set families back for an entire year, according to a new study.

Tony Robbins Lists the 4 Key Principles to Guide Investment Decisions

4 key principles to keep in mind that help with investment decisions.

Is J.C. Penney Closing Over 100 Stores Really Unexpected?

Blame online shopping as the culprit.

Entrepreneurial Burnout and Its Consequences

This media executive traveled the world after burning out from working around the clock.

Living in These 10 Cities Is Almost Impossible if You Make Minimum Wage

If you're earning minimum wage in one of these 10 cities, this is how much it will cost you to live.

Invest With Your Head, Not Your Heart

Emotions can lead to overspending -- and 29% say they overspend due to stress, 22% say it's because of excitement and 13% say it's retail therapy to cope with sadness.

The Ultra Wealthy Embrace #GivingTuesday as Philanthropy on the Upswing

The overwhelming majority of ultra wealthy individuals are giving to charity and will continue to do so, according to a U.S. Trust survey.

A New Study Finds Americans Working Longer to Fund Retirement Goals

U.S. workers toil an average of 35 years, a full 5 years longer than their global counterparts.

Why Staying Home to Raise Kids Is More Costly Than You Realize

Parents who take a break from working in order to care for their children are paying a much higher long term cost than they realize, according to a new study.