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Money Basics

The Secret to Long-Term Trading Success

It is to work at it every day, day after day, year after year.

A Letter From Me, at 68, to Myself at 18

After reaching the age of 68, I know a lot more than I did back in 1968. Here's my note to myself as I was getting ready to go off to college and then on to the real world.

How to Outperform a Mutual Fund

The best way to beat a mutual fund's performance is not to think like a mutual fund, but instead be flexible.

5 Cool Facts About the Dollar Bill - Happy National Dollar Day

Check out these hidden messages in your wallet.

60 Seconds: How Do the Tariffs Affect My Wallet?

Tariff talk is everywhere. But politics aside, all you really care about is how it all will affect your wallet. So give me 60 seconds and I'll tell you how. Watch!

60 Seconds: The Fed Minutes Move the Market So Read Them -- Video

The Fed will release the minutes from its last meeting on Wednesday, Aug 1st at 2p -- and much like reading your teenager's journal -- you will find some juicy nuggets on inflation and interest rates so they are worth dissecting. So watch our video for more!

60 Seconds: What You Need to Know About GDP

The quarterly Gross Domestic Product tells us how fast or slow the economy is moving. It just doesn't tell us if its moving in the right direction. And we got a great number today. But in case you need to better understand why, watch out video now to find out!

60 Seconds: What's the Difference Between an ETF and a Mutual Fund?

There are a bunch of differences between exchange-traded funds and mutual funds. Do you know what they are? Watch and find out -- in 60 seconds!

UBS Powerhouse Advisory Team on the State of the Industry, Women and Millennials

Louise and Nina Gunderson are a powerhouse mother/daughter financial advisory team with UBS Financial Services in New York and we talked with them about everything from the state of the industry, to the enormous transfer of wealth from men to women over the next few years, to what it's really like to work with your Mom. Watch and listen now!

From Football to Finance: NFL Hall of Famer Mike Haynes Has Some Advice For You

NFL Hall of Famer Mike Haynes is regarded as one of the best corner-backs of all-time. TheStreet talks with Haynes about his career, financial lessons learned along the way and his outlook for the NFL.