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Meet the 'Masters' of High Yields: MLPs

Here are three master limited partnerships yielding over 6%.

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Here are Master Limited Partnerships that should protect investors in times of turmoil.

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While not all MLPs are created equal, some are worthy income stocks, such as Sunoco, Holly Energy, and Energy Transfer.

Pump Up Your Income Stream With MLPs

Master limited partnerships remain very popular for sophisticated investors seeking long-term growth of income. Here are 5 favorites.

3 Utility Stocks for Electric Returns

Investors who eliminate utility companies as investments becasue of sector biases due so at their own peril.

Lock In a 9.0% Distribution Yield on This MLP Before It Falls Further

This MLP covers its distribution with a wide margin of safety, making it highly appealing for income investors.

Energy Transfer Looks Weak and Pointed Lower

The stock saw a peak in June followed by a pullback/correction.