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Oil Stocks Spike on Optimistic Turn in Sino-American Relations

The surge in individual stocks comes as both the WTI and Brent Crude indices jumped after China indicated it would hold trade talks with the U.S.

Chart of the Day: Dividends Make Oil Stocks a Strong Defense Against Volatility

As oil recovers and begins to stabilize both the stock price and cash flow of companies in the space, dividend payments could drive strong portfolios.

There Is a Lot to Like About Chevron Stock

If you follow me, then you know oil stocks is where I have been adding more so than anywhere else over the past couple of weeks.

Chevron Stock's Comeback Alive as Oil Rebounds Into 2019

CVX shares keep chugging along, building on a bounce from their December lows.

Netflix Courts Backlash After Conceding to Saudi Crown on Content

Netflix has a stream of negative PR coming its way as it tangles with international laws.

Jim Cramer: Today, Oil Is the Saudis' Oyster

The Saudis are the ONLY country in the world with a spigot that can be turned on and off.

BP's Capital Efficiency Makes It an Attractive Stock

The company's ability to provide a strong dividend and hefty buyback schedule creates an attractive thesis moving forward.

BP Gains as Macro Factors Fuel Oil Rally

Production cut agreements stemming from the G-20 summit are among the factors helping to buoy oil prices.

Marriott Looks to Continue Rebound on Earnings

The hotel giant's shares have regained lost ground heading into its earnings release Monday night, though it does face trade and geopolitical issues.

Kraft Heinz Plummets as Profits Get Squeezed

Kraft Heinz profits are getting squeezed out of the bottle.