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Risks on Iran May Turn Out in Our Favor

Global tensions have spiked, but don't let disinformation drive your investment choices -- especially when it comes to recent Middle East headlines.

Volatility Rules the Day

News of the last 24 hours created a huge swing in the market from overnight futures to close -- so here's my advice.

Jim Cramer: Resilience and Complacency Define Our Moment

Let's dissect these two concepts that explain why we're rallying like we are now.

It's a Mistake to Keep Looking for Headlines to Justify a Selloff

I see no choice but to continue to look for new buys.

Market Responds to Iran Overnight Missile Attack With a Morning Yawn

The most interesting market dynamic right now is that bad news, such as a possible war with Iran, mainly is used as an opportunity to put cash to work.

Iran Attacks, 8 Defense Stocks, the Energy Space in 2020: Market Recon

Apparently, unless the Iranian military simply does not train on their weapons, which I do not believe, the exercise was one of saving face... for now.

Many in Market Waiting on Iran Headline

Many are expecting some sort of retaliation as a possible trade catalyst, and the inclination will be to buy any spike down.

Kass: As Stocks Grow Expensive, Markets Ignore the Geopolitical Risks

The stock market's reaction yesterday to the Soleimani attack and even more so to the tweet storm from Washington astonished me.

Here's Context Into How Iran Could Respond to Redrawn Lines in the Sand

We handicap the potential impact of responses that could range from military actions by Iran and its surrogates to cyberattacks against the U.S. and its allies.

Jim Cramer: It's World War III vs. What Me Worry?

The market seems to be collectively whistling past the threat of an Iran strike -- here's what's probably going on.