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OPEC+ Is Playing Chess While Others Are Playing Checkers

This is bad news for consumers, but it could be good news for U.S. oil companies looking for signs of price, and ideally political, stabilization to step up their game.

OPEC Blinked Before the Fed!

Will the Fed follow suit and give the addict (market) its next opioid (QE) fix or stand its ground?

Stick With Exxon as the U.S. Gets Smacked by Foreign Oil Producers

This may be seen as early steps toward moving at least some part of the oil trade away from trading in U.S. dollars.

Have We Moved Past the Peak of the Petrodollar?

The wheels of change are in motion as global alliances are shifting.

Oil: A Big Picture Review Ahead of the OPEC Meeting

While the cartel is attempting to prop prices up, they are working against seasonal tendencies.

2 Big-Name, Single-Stock ETFs With a Foreign Twist Could Be on the Horizon

The potential offerings from Roundhill aren't geared solely to the retail investor but also could interest smaller institutions and other ETF issuers.

OPEC+ Knows Which Way the Oil Wind Blows

The commodity has fallen back into the pre-war trading pattern.

Biden's Visit to Saudi Arabia Won't Lower Oil Prices

Supply, demand and timing are what matter for this commodity.

Is There an Actual Threat to the Petrodollar System?

Covid and Ukraine have just brought the time line closer to the dollar's ultimate demise.

Shariah Investing - See What the HLAL Fund Can Do For You

Religious values vary, but the returns tell undeniable truths, as we find with the Sharia-based Wahed FTSE USA Shariah exchange-traded fund, or HLAL.