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Treasury Gives Bernanke An 'Out'

The Treasury has said it will cut debt sales, which gives the Fed a chance to taper its easing program says Ben Willis of Albert Fried.

Stocks Suffer Summer Stall

Stocks are stalling even as many companies like Apple and Ford deliver strong earnings results.

Oil Is Black Gold

Commodity flows out of gold found a home in oil allowing energy companies like Schlumberger to benefit from higher oil prices.

Losses Trimmed Ahead of Weekend

Early losses are narrowing as the selling of Microsoft and Google subside. Alan Valdes of DME Securities says its just profit taking.

July Is Bad For Stocks

July is traditionally a bad month for stocks says Greywolf Technician Mark Newton. He suggests taking profits in rallies.

Ben Brings Back Buyers

Stocks are moving higher after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke assured markets they won't have to stand on their own.

Data Pulls Stocks From Early Slump

Upbeat payroll and jobless claims data help pare stocks' early losses. Jeanne Yurman talks to Jonathan Corpina of Meridian Equity Partners.

Rally Ratchets Up Volatility

Cuttone's Keith Bliss says that this increased volatility has made it a traders market.

Housing Data Builds Up Stocks

Positive housing data helped fuel a relief rally in stocks, but Mark Newton of Greywolf is not convinced and remains bearish on housing.

Mulling Bernanke's Replacement

The markets are still waiting for news from the Fed this afternoon. TheStreet's Joya Dass speaks with Virtu Financial's Matthew Cheslock.