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Stock Rally Postponed Until Monday as Traders Extend Their Holiday

Stocks are getting a weak start to the year as many traders decided to extend their holiday through the weekend.

Stocks Pulling Back in Early 2014 but Posting Overall Gains for the Year

Peter Cardillo, Chief Market Economist of Rockwell Global Capital expects stocks, while not performing as impressively as 2013, will again be on an upswing in 2014.

S&P 500 Could Hit 1850 During Santa Claus Rally

Keith Bliss of Cuttone & Co. says with three trading days left in 2013, momentum from the Santa Claus rally could move the S&P 500 past 1850.

Stock Mania Building

Retail investors are chasing the stock market as it keeps moving higher. Alan Valdes of DME Securities looks at this investor mania.

Apple Climbs Post-Icahn

Stocks are higher midday as Carl Icahn urges Apple to make a tender offer. Cuttone & Co.'s Keith Bliss weighs in on today's top headlines.

Syrian Pushes Defensive Posture

Former marine Mark Otto of J. Streicher says the indecision on Syria is causing portfolios to become defensive.

September Will Be Volatile

Keith Bliss of Cuttone warns market watchers that September will be a volatile month and he has positioned himself defensively.

Syria Warfare Sends Oil And Gold Higher

Concern over a missile strike against Syria as early as this week is pushing, oil and gold higher. Stocks are down as money flows to bonds.

Nasdaq Could Have Been Hacked

Rockwell Economist Peter Cardillo questions whether Nasdaq's trading problem was related to a hacker.

Stock Selling In Check

A soft jobs report caused stocks to give back Thursdays gains, but Alan Valdes of DME Securities points out that the selling isn't that bad.