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These Microcaps Are Making Some Big Noise

I attended the LD Micro Conference in Los Angeles. Here's what I found out.

Value Still Trounces Growth Among Small Stocks, but not so With Large-Caps

The Russell indices show value handily beating growth among small-caps and microcaps, though the tide has turned among larger issues.

An Asymmetrical Scenario Is Key to My Billion Dollar Bets

With a portfolio of 10 names that fit this category, I only need to be correct on one to be profitable. If I hit on more than one, I'm crushing it. And if I hit on three...

10 Years of Market Growth That Seemed Unlikely a Decade Ago

Stock market indices remarkably have averaged double-digit percentage gains annually over the last 10 years.

Heading to Overbought

Let's look to last October as a template for the current market and see where we'll likely go this week.

Nothing Personal: Why I'm Negative on Sundial Growers

More than a handful of SNDL traders appear over-committed either emotionally or financially.

Bright Cannabis Outlook Leads to Bigger Estimates for 2022

The fundamentals of the cannabis industry continue to improve.

Jim Cramer: Here's Some Chicken Soup for Your Stocks as Lockdown Trade Returns

As Covid-19 numbers rise in many states, it's time to get out of the restaurant stocks and look to Campbell Soup.

Microcap and Small-Cap Companies Need Lots of Cash

I think it's worth noting to think of these stocks, these companies, as starving baby birds.

We're Back to Where We Started 2020, but What a Wild Ride to Get There

The stock market has gyrated like crazy over the last four months, which gives us pause to wonder what the heck lies ahead.