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We're Back to Where We Started 2020, but What a Wild Ride to Get There

The stock market has gyrated like crazy over the last four months, which gives us pause to wonder what the heck lies ahead.

Here's One Way to Get Micro-Cap Exposure

And, I've added a stock to my value tree.

Coronavirus Pandemic Exposes Strengths and Weaknesses in Cannabis Companies

Those that could quickly pivot may earn a new set of customers.

Every Dog Has Its Day and So Will Value Stocks, but Just Not Yet

Growth indices soundly trounced value indices in 2019 and it's starting the same way this year, but that trend can't last forever.

With China Trade Pact Signed, Here Are Two Issues to Watch

Liquidity and earnings will play a big role in how the indexes move in the days and weeks to come.

Don't Be Fooled by Dull Market Movement

Sleepy action like we saw on Monday tends to be the setup for drama in the future.

Value Is Not Dead, Especially in This One Area of the Stock Market

Value investing is an important portfolio tool, even in this growth-focused market.