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Value Stocks Appear Left for Dead. Here's What Could Resurrect Them

It looked like small caps had some spark, but then they fizzled against the fireworks of mega caps like Apple, Nvidia and Tesla. I see, value, however, is overdue for its own show.

Mamma Mia! While the World Flips, I'm Sticking to Preferreds, Micro-Caps

New York City wants to ban old fashioned pizza ovens, and I'm serving a hot pie chart of great investments.

It Is a Quiet News Week, but Friday Will Be Among the Busiest Days of the Year

The reason a surge in trading volume will occur is that the Russell indexes are reconstituted at the end of the week.

4 Small-Cap Stocks Just Waiting to Be Discovered in the Market Shuffle

Each of these names is disconnected from what should be the economic value of the company.

This Active vs. Passive Portfolio Experiment Is Getting Very Interesting

Let's look in again at the 'triple nets' as smaller-cap names show some life.

LD Micro Offers Lots of Big Opportunities

Fresh off my trip to Los Angeles, I'm psyched about what's happening in the microcap names.

If You're Going to Invest in Micro-Cap Stocks, You Need to Get in the Weeds

And talking to the executives of these small companies can provide invaluable insights into their workings.

Market Drifts as It Awaits Four Major Catalysts

The Russell micro-cap index, which is the bottom half of the Russell 2000, is sitting at bear-market lows.

This Active Portfolio Is Getting It Done in a Rough Environment for Small Caps

Let's review the top individual stock performers so far in my grand 'experiment.'

Growth Is Pummeling Value, and the Smaller the Value Cap, the Bigger the Beating

Unlike last year, growth stocks are trouncing value stocks so far in 2023.