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In an Ugly First Half for Stocks, Value Was a Lot Less Ugly Than Growth

A look at the Russell indexes shows that value stocks suffered in the first six months of 2022 but not nearly as much as growth issues.

If You Fear U.S. Regs That Filter Oil Profits, Then Fill Up on These ETFs

As some nations look to take a cut of oil money -- and U.S. surtax legislation is floated -- let's look at what exchange-traded funds might protect investors.

In Market Crisis, We Can Find Market Opportunities

Act wisely and today's stocks crisis could make you very, very rich.

Oil Can Only Go Up? Yeah, Right, Where Have We Heard That Before?

When the whole world sees nothing but upside in one place, beware.

Value Keeps Holding Up Better Than Growth, but That's Not Saying Much

And the shares of smaller companies such as Vera Bradley show that a stock that may look like a bargain sometimes isn't.

Looking to Lehman for Lessons About Today

Let's review what happened to this financial giant in 2008 and what it could tell investors about the current market.

Investing in Fantasyland Will Only Earn You Fantasies

Here are the areas I'm buying, and here and the areas of which I'm turning away in disgust.

Ketchup? Check. Jelly? Check. Beer? Of Course. Let's Go Get Some Staples

Names like J.M. Smucker and Kraft-Heinz may seem dull, but they provided needed stability in this kind of market. Let me show you why it's time to get back to the basics.

Capital Group Joins the ETF Party

Let's mingle with a big-money manager: American Fund parent company Capital Group is entering the exchange-traded fund market.

S&P 500 and Russell 2000 Show Surprising (and Unsurprising) Divergences

Here's what the year-to-date performance and volatility among large-cap and small-cap stocks is telling us.