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Jim Cramer: Here's Why All Three Averages Are Having Their Best Days in Months

Comments from China, Mexico and the Fed led the way.

Less Than a Cold War, but More Than a Trade War

This may be a case where the short-term damage to markets may be for the best in the longer run.

Jim Cramer: What Do Trump's Whims Per Share Look Like?

What happened to the business president? I think what happened is that the polls are showing that whatever the president is doing is working.

Tough Market Climate, Yield Curve, Watching MSFT, ZS: Market Recon

Also, the Department of Justice reportedly could be preparing an antitrust probe into Alphabet's Google unit.

6 Steps for Dealing With a Market Downtrend

We don't know when or how, but it is a certainty that we will have some great money-making opportunities as market conditions develop.

Mexico Aside, There Are Plenty of Problems Impacting This Market

I suspect that there is a good chance that the Mexican tariffs never go into effect.

Kass: 13 Reasons Why It Is Different This Time

The market is in a different place now than it was late last year, so don't expect the same kind of rebound.

As The Gap Falls on Friday, One Analyst Is Advising a Buying Opportunity

This bull isn't shaken by the bad news from The Gap's quarterly results.

Trouble Brewing at Constellation Brands

For me, this one is a pass. For now.

5 Companies to Follow as Trade and Investment Flows Away from China

It's heavy industry and electronics that have suffered the most from the tariffs now in place on Chinese goods.