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Less Than a Cold War, but More Than a Trade War

This may be a case where the short-term damage to markets may be for the best in the longer run.

Jim Cramer: What Do Trump's Whims Per Share Look Like?

What happened to the business president? I think what happened is that the polls are showing that whatever the president is doing is working.

Tough Market Climate, Yield Curve, Watching MSFT, ZS: Market Recon

Also, the Department of Justice reportedly could be preparing an antitrust probe into Alphabet's Google unit.

6 Steps for Dealing With a Market Downtrend

We don't know when or how, but it is a certainty that we will have some great money-making opportunities as market conditions develop.

Mexico Aside, There Are Plenty of Problems Impacting This Market

I suspect that there is a good chance that the Mexican tariffs never go into effect.

Kass: 13 Reasons Why It Is Different This Time

The market is in a different place now than it was late last year, so don't expect the same kind of rebound.

As The Gap Falls on Friday, One Analyst Is Advising a Buying Opportunity

This bull isn't shaken by the bad news from The Gap's quarterly results.

Trouble Brewing at Constellation Brands

For me, this one is a pass. For now.

5 Companies to Follow as Trade and Investment Flows Away from China

It's heavy industry and electronics that have suffered the most from the tariffs now in place on Chinese goods.

Tariff Troubles Threaten to Impact The Gap's Sales, Supply Lines

A two front trade war is terrible news for retailers. But just how bad is it for The Gap?