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This Is What Would Drive Gold To $1,450 - DeCarley Trading

Bitcoin is still not as relevant as gold as an investable asset.

Massive GLD Outflows Show U.S. Middle Class Is Broke Says This Expert

The middle class is selling their gold to buy iPhones and pay off debt says Echobay's Lanci.

Bitcoin Is Not Stealing Gold's Thunder - Frank Holmes

Gold's rally has not been driven by cryptocurrency outflows, says Frank Holmes.

Tesla, Boeing, Crude Oil and All the Market News You Need to Know

Are you ready for Wednesday's opening bell? Here's everything you need to know:

Bitcoin Investors Will Be Crawling Back to Gold Says Agnico's Sean Boyd

Bitcoin may have taken a chunk out of gold demand but Sean Boyd, CEO of Agnico Eagle Mines (AEM), thinks the crypto craze will work to the yellow metal's advantage.

I Have Never Seen Anything Like Bitcoin : Investing Legend Jim Rogers

Famed investor and best-selling author Jim Rogers says that he has seen a lot of bubbles in his career, but that Bitcoin is in a league of its own.

Money Flows Away from Bitcoin Back To Gold : Analyst

The metal is holding on to modest gains Thursday leaving some investors wondering whether this rally is here to stay or a momentary bounce.

As Copper Hits 2-Month Low, Expert Warns More Pain ls Ahead

Oversupply in inventory and a slowdown in Chinese economic growth will weigh down on copper prices in 2018, says Wells Fargo.

One Year Later Trump Has Been No Friend to Gold Says Market Expert

Gold has had a $200 range over the past year and is now back where it started

Here's How to Win With Gold's Pullback - Trader

President of Blue Lines Futures says "gold is not dead."