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Gold Is Acting 'Bullish' but It's Not a Bull Market Says Dennis Gartman

Gold is catching a break this Tuesday but it's not an official bull market says economist Dennis Gartman.

Ignore the Noise, Gold Is in a Bull Run -- Expert

Gold Has Traditionally Climbed Higher In the New Year, But Should See More Gains

Is Silver Due to Shine? This One Clue Says Yes

Silver has been lagging behind gold in terms of growth in the last year, but one analyst said that now may be a good time to buy into silver.

Gold's Behaving Like It's 2008 and Here's What It's Saying

Gold Has Historically Stayed Muted During A Stock Market Crash

'Nobody Is Afraid of Anything Right Now' -- Rick Rule

Gold is unlikely to rise further at a time when sentiment in risk assets is bullish.

Video: Boeing Was a Better Investment Than Bitcoin Over the Past Month

While 2017 was an incredible year for bitcoin, the cryptocurrency has seen deep declines over the past month. Scott Gamm explains in our new 'Charts' series.

The Dollar Will Be Replaced By Gold And Cryptos By 2040 - Robert Kiyosaki

"Fiat money will lose its significance to gold and the cryptocurrencies in the next twenty years."

Having Gold Near You Attracts More Wealth - Robert Kiyosaki

Holding real gold is the best way to have steady income, says Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad."

As Gold Hits 3-1/2-Month High, One Expert Says Big Money is Behind Metal

The yellow metal is on fire despite higher rates and a strong equity market.

Rich Dad Author Says The Next Financial Crash Will be Like an 'Avalanche'

For bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki, crashes debt and taxes are the secret to how the are getting richer, so is 2018 setup to deliver?