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Trump's Tariffs Could Bring 1930s-Style Depression

A 'Great Depression 2.0' would see investors stockpile safe-haven assets.

Say Goodbye to Summer Doldrums, Things Are About To Heat Up For Gold

Gold has been held back by a stronger U.S. dollar but the yellow metal could get a boost if the Federal Reserve reigns in on rate hikes, this according to Chris Mancini, research analyst at Gabelli Funds.

Market Rebound: How Tuesday Is a Turnaround

Let's go over how the market is looking today.

Watch This If You're Wondering How Much Gold to Have and When to Sell

There's no straightforward way to invest in gold. Kitco expert Peter Hug explains why.

Gold Owes Everything to Investor Interest

Gold's price rally has been a product of demand-side economics, and there is still a considerable amount of interest in gold that is not fully tapped, according to Tom Brady, chief economist at Newmont Mining.

Enjoy This Market Hoorah Before the Worst Correction of Your Lifetime

Enjoy the market euphoria while it lasts warns the legendary investor , next year will be 'ugly.'

Kevin O'Leary: Stay Away From Gold Miners, Hold Bullion

It's a battle of the Shark Tank stars when it comes to gold.

Surprisingly, Higher Gold Prices Aren't Being Driven By Fears of War With Russia

Fundamentals, and not short-term panic attacks, are triggering the gold rally

Expect A Hawkish Federal Reserve, So Bad News For Gold? - CME Group Exec

Gold could see more headwinds as Fed poises for hawkish stance.

Jim Cramer Breaks Down the Market's Worries on Tariffs

TheStreet's founder and Action Alerts PLUS Portfolio Manager Jim Cramer breaks down the market's worries over President Trump's plan to impose steel and aluminum tariffs.