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Unpopular Opinion: Copper Will Soon Be a Better Buy Than a Sell

Where there is pain there is also opportunity.

There's Another Interesting Situation Playing Out in the Silver Markets

Both the spot price and the price of physical silver have soared in recent days, though the spread between the two has not narrowed but rather widened.

What Are the Charts of Copper Telling Us Now?

Let's check out the prices and trends of copper futures today to see if they are sending us any messages.

If You Have Nerves of Steel, You Might Be Attracted to Nucor

The stock with a yield of 5.75% is down around 2008 levels, but a close up would help galvanize our opinion on owning the name.

There's an Interesting Situation Playing Out in the Silver Markets

I've never seen premiums this high, which is an indicator of the fear that is so prevalent.

Fed's Latest Actions Scream Why Markets Have Lost Faith in It

Dramatically slashing interest rates to zero and promising huge asset purchases are instilling fear, not confidence, in market participants.

Panicked Selling Even Strikes the Gold Market

GLD longs should protect their positions right now.

Gold Is Poised to Soar Further as Virus Fears Run Rampant and Rates Dive

A look at GLD and the Fidelity Select Gold Portfolio fund.

Franco-Nevada Could Continue to Soar as Traders Pile Into Precious Metals

You will likely see very few buy recommendations from analysts today, but FNV could be one of them.

The Impacts of 'Volatility Decay' on Leveraged ETFs

These real-life examples don't mean leveraged ETFs are without their use. They can make terrific short-term and intraday trading vehicles.