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Copper's Chart Might Show Inflation's Lost Its Charge

Are high prices finally getting weighed down?

Gold, Silver Don't Always Fall in Line With the Charts, or Logic

Everyone has become a chart trader at their own peril and we know how things turned out for them in 2022. So let's take a different look at precious metals.

Copper Looks Bent Out of Shape Now, but Will Charge Ahead Soon Enough

Here's why you shouldn't insulate yourself from a trade in this critical metal.

I Dig Coal Miner Alpha Metallurgical Resources

The charts of the producer of metallurgical coal indicate it could be poised for an upside breakout.

If Copper Is the Go-To Metal in a Clean Energy World, Why Is Its Price Stagnant?

Perhaps it's because demand at present, especially from China, isn't all that strong as the world braces for a recessionary environment.

Alcoa: Here's When Traders Should Prepare to Be Buyers

Let's delve into the charts and indicators.

Investors Aren't Very Hungry for Caterpillar: Here's the Key Thing to Watch

A bearish reaction to what seems to be bullish earnings news is problematic.

A Strategy for Trading Caterpillar Ahead of Earnings

The stock's refusal to break to the downside may be a tell of what the next move could be once the heavy equipment giant reports first-quarter results.

Let's Check Alcoa's Sheen With Earnings on Tap

Here's how I see it.