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If These Stocks Are Any Indication, Investors Are Betting Against a Soft Landing

The sharp downward price action in a number of materials producers suggests traders believe a recession is right around the corner.

Remain Disciplined as Teck Resources Pulls Back

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Is Gold Finally Ready to Make a Move to the Upside?

If gold starts to make a turn higher, here's what I'll do next.

Teck Resources Is Knocking on New Highs

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Yogi Berra and the Inflation Conundrum: It Ain't Logistics or the Supply Chain

Since the 1970s, the link between high prices and more supply has become broken.

It's Time to Make Money in Minerals

Investment experts highlight investment picks in copper, aluminum, nickel, uranium, lithium, titanium, and a trio of royalty streamers.

What's New With Nucor's Charts? Let's Find Out

The next few weeks could be revealing for the steelmaker from a technical viewpoint.

Commodity Stocks Weaken as Supply Chain and Growth Fears Grow

Supply chain snarls could exacerbate inflation and lead to slower economic growth, which would reduce demand for commodities such as oil and copper.

Energy and Gold Are Worth Tracking, but Not Putting Money on Just Yet

I'm monitoring an energy ETF and a gold ETF, too, though I'm waiting for both to display more basing action.

This Country's Finances Are in Much Worse Shape Than the 80s

It's doubtful that the Jerome Powell Fed will take the Paul Volcker approach, and raise rates above the rate of inflation.