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Apple Is Ripe for New Post-Earnings Highs Based on Its Charts

It looks like Apple once again is proving itself to be a buy-and-hold security.

Here's a Technical Strategy for Twitter

If it's too late to sell do we build a position on any further weakness?

When Headlines Deceive Investors

When looked at from the perspective of market history, the facts inside a recent bearish Wall Street Journal story tell a far more interesting story on buying opportunities.

When Doubling Down on an Underwater Stock Makes Sense

Qurate Retail, the parent of QVC, offers a tutorial in when it might be wise to buy more of a stock that hasn't met expectations.

Waiting for Buy Trades to Trigger in Semis, Social Media and the Cloud

VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF, Twitter and Oracle are the three setups we're tracking.

Netflix Pops, but Will It Drop?

Despite the stock's sharp move higher after reporting earnings, the technical trend remains lower for the streaming behemoth.

Can Facebook 'Connect' for Investors as Well as It Does for Classmates?

Facebook's stock is starting a new move higher.

Disney Has What It Takes to Make a Run at $150

The streaming service is going to be a home run.

Banking's Future and Wells Fargo, Trading Facebook: Market Recon

The nation's central bank forever perverted the concept of what we used to call the 'free market.'

Stalking Disney on the Charts

What I need to do is wait for a 'TRIGGER' that tells me that it's worth placing a bet against any of three support zones.