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Netflix's Aggressive Indian Strategy Highlights Its Competitive Strengths

The streaming giant is both pricing its services aggressively in India and spending heavily on local content. But there's a method to its madness.

Jim Cramer: Why I Became a Tesla True Believer but Remain a Netflix Skeptic

There are 3 things that distinguish these stocks from regular run of the mill equities.

The Final 4 Unsightly Stocks Going Into My Next Tax-Loss Selling Portfolio

We'll track a dozen beaten-up stocks that could be subject to tax-loss selling at the end of 2019 to see whether they can stage comebacks in 2020.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why So Many Americans Feel Left Behind on Stocks

Let me explain why so few families own stocks outright and so many remain numb to the market's success -- and how that can change.

Alphabet Is Pointed Higher in Print or Cursive

GOOGL said Larry Page is stepping down from his co-CEO position, and Sundar Pichai will be CEO of both Google and its parent company.

Amazon Looks Ready for Cyber Monday and Future Price Gains

The technical signs of the online giant are pointing its stock moving higher after an extended period of sideways action.

Facebook Investors Might Get a Share They Really Like

It looks like FB is set on the charts for an upside breakout.

Standing Firm on China, Yield Curve Vigilance and Calling AT&T: Market Recon

Plus, we check out the latest negative headline on Boeing.

Twitter Could Tumble If Key Support Finally Breaks

The risk exists that the social media giant's shares could gap sharply lower based on its charts.

Viacom's Charts Can't Divine Impact on Price Action of CBS Merger

Traders would do well to find another stock to trade right now.