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What Should Investors Be Watching? Vimeo

Here's why VMEO, which posts earnings tonight, could stage a rally in the near-term.

The Bulls Take a Stand, but Let's See Where We Go From Here

Three major index ETFs managed to rally Thursday afternoon, but whether they can continue that upward momentum is another thing.

Don't Walk Out of This Paramount Stock Show Just Yet ...

Let's see how the charts are showing for PARA as it slips lower following an earnings miss.

Never Waste a Crisis Like the One at Disney: Here's the Play

It now has to get back on a track of sustainable growth and profitability, while improving margins through the reduction of expenses.

Monetary Policy, 1 Minute S&P Chart, Trading Lockheed, Microsoft AI, Disney

When Disney reports Wednesday, what will matter will be how CEO Bob Iger presents himself and the firm's plan to manage costs going forward.

The Father of FANG Says Not to Give Up on His Four Children

The man who lays claim to coining the FANG acronym says those who walk away from the stocks that make up that quartet are making a mistake.

Meta Did Not Follow My Script

I feel I must raise my hand like I committed a foul.

Let's Take Off the VR Headsets Ahead of Meta's Earnings

The stock has made a big advance ahead of the report.

Sobering Conversation, Not-So-Hot GDP, Ominous Yield Spread, Rally On

Plus, we take a close look at the charts of the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite and check out Tesla, Disney and Salesforce.

Are the Salad Days Over for Netflix and Its Investors?

Here's how I would approach the stock after the latest news and earnings.