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Has Twitter Finally Got Its Wings?

TWTR looks like it's ready for a sustained move higher.

Snap Rallies to 52-Week High: Here's Our Strategy

It's a good time to look at the charts again

Momentum Traders Want the Meat

If you aren't ready to continually hunt down your next big kill, momentum will eventually drag your portfolio into the depths along with it when it ends.

The Charts of Sirius XM Tell Me It'll Take More Than a New Deal to Improve

The charts and indicators of SIRI are not bullish.

Slack Faces Increasing Competition

This was a name I had been very bullish on but the story has changed enough that I need to reconsider my stance.

Facebook Has a Growing Problem

Buy the dip? Nope, not me, not today. Then again, long-time readers know that I have never been a fan of FB or its management.

Snap Has Hammered Out an Impressive Base Pattern

Here's what we see ahead for this heavily traded stock.

What's Next for Spotify and Its Podcasting-Infused Momentum?

Let's check the latest charts and indicators for the shares.

Keeping Up With Spotify on Its Way to a Possible $300

An exclusive deal with Kim Kardashian for a podcast seems to be lifting the shares.

American Tower Is Still Signaling Upside

Analysis and trading strategy for the communications real estate REIT.