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4 Media Stock Picks for 2020: Movies, Sports and Entertainment

These names are well-positioned to benefit from the changing media landscape.

I'm Focusing My Eye on Reward vs. Risk With My Top Stock Pick for 2020

ViacomCBS offers solid upside potential with only modest downside risk based on the company's characteristics.

Disney's Outperformance Is Not Guaranteed

As we head into 2020, the technical picture is best described as something's gotta give.

I'm Not Betting the Farm on Disney

My caution perhaps stems from what for the most part appears to be rampant success in 2019 that leaves a high bar for 2020.

3 Languishing Small-Caps That Should Perk Up in 2020

Stemline Therapeutics, Entercom Communications and Ocular Therapeutix offer reasons to think their shares will perform better in the New Year.

Disney's Upside Potential Should Entertain and Reward Investors in 2020

The charts and indicators of the entertainment giant present a bullish case,

Facebook Is Finally Poised to Make a Long-Term Upside Breakout

Prices have trended higher for a year and are now retesting highs from July.

Netflix Is Climbing Back One Step at a Time

Its shares look extended on a short-term basis, so traders should wait for a shallow dip or some sideways price action before returning to the long side.

My ViacomCBS Price Target Has Been Raised After Just 2 Weeks; Here's Why

The upside potential of the merged media giant is even greater than an initial working of the numbers suggested.

Netflix's Aggressive Indian Strategy Highlights Its Competitive Strengths

The streaming giant is both pricing its services aggressively in India and spending heavily on local content. But there's a method to its madness.